I’m a Hungarian landscape architect, writer and illustrator born and living in Budapest.
As an architect, drawing images for the visual presentation of a project has always been a very important part of my work but it’s always been about the concept and never about the picture itself – it took me until my 30s to start to create pictures depicting my own stories, my own imaginary reality.

This website is a compilation of some quite diverse creative projects: my illustration series of enchanted nature, imaginary worlds and my children’s book; ‘visible stories’ and tales about winter, the sea and the sky; my original opera poster designs; restored vintage botanical illustrations; and my wildlife conservation poster project.

As for the title of the site and number 12 (most of my series contain 12 pictures that are somehow related): when something captures my mind – a visual idea, a story, topic, whatever – I keep on creating pictures around it in my head. I needed to set a limitation for myself that provides a creative space but also helps me to actually complete the images and move on to something else. 12 seemed an appropriate number…

My illustrations start out as manual drawings – usually miniature pencil sketches – but I always complete them digitally, using different techniques; so all images are available in my official store in different sizes as framed, acrylic, metal or canvas fine art prints. If you happen to live in Hungary, some of my images are also available as signed editions printed by myself. If you’d like to purchase a signed print from abroad, please contact me via email.

About my wildlife conservation poster project: these poster series were made primarily with the intention to help to educate young generations about environmental issues and to help to bring some awareness to what humankind has done and is doing to the amazing wildlife of this planet. My whole profit from any sales of these series goes to the Sea Shepherd to support their fight to save our oceans and marine wildlife. You find more about this project in this post on my blog where you also find informative posts about each species.

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You can contact me via email or DM me on Facebook anytime, with licensing inquiries please contact me via email.

Have a nice day!

Moira Risen

All images and text are © Moira Risen 2017-2020 unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing and any unauthorized use of these images without my written permission is strictly prohibited.