I’m a Hungarian part-time graphic designer born and living in Budapest.
I’m not a professional artist but I’ve been drawing all my life. I started with pencils as a kid, then later I’ve tried everything from charcoal through ink to watercolor and finally I’ve discovered the opportunities of the digital world. As an adult I’ve been working in different design areas where visual presentation is very important but it’s always about the plan and never about the image itself – it took me almost 20 years to start to create my own images, depicting my own imaginary reality.

Most of my pictures are inspired by the existing world, but with a touch of illusion – I like to play with unreal lighting and reflections creating compositions that feel ‘almost’ realistic. My images portray mostly imaginary scenes and worlds, seascapes, landscapes, skyscapes, trees and wildlife, nature’s beautiful patterns; often inspired by tales, ancient legends, novels, movies. All my images are finished digitally but I use mixed methods to create them – from my manual drawings through manipulated photographs to digital painting.

As for the number 12 (all of my series contain 12 pictures that are somehow related)…Creating is a never-ending, chain-like process for me: when something captures my mind – a visual idea, texture, relation, topic, whatever – I keep on creating pictures around it. I had to set a limitation to myself that helps me to finish the pictures and move on to something else, and 12 seemed an appropriate number…

And one important thing: my two awareness poster series – Endangered and Extinct animals – were made primarily with the intention to help to educate young generations about environmental issues and to help to bring some awareness to what humankind has done and is doing to the amazing wildlife of this planet. My whole profit from any sales of these series goes to the Sea Shepherd to support their fight to save our oceans and marine wildlife. You find more about this project in this post on my blog where you also find informative posts about each species.

You can contact me through my Facebook page or you can email me anytime.

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Have a nice day!

Moira Risen



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