Sailing seven seas

As most children, I used to love (and still do love…) to be in, on, under or near any kind of water – be it our bathtub or Balaton, my home country’s big lake. But – as Hungary doesn’t have seashore anymore – I was around 18 when I got to the sea for the first time in my life; so growing up, my relation to the sea was based only on books and films. I was fascinated by the European history of discovering the oceans, seas and continents of our planet; the stories and adventures of sailing on sea and all the ancient legends and tales connected to that.  Maybe because of that, the sea has always been a magical place for me where anything could happen; a place where there’ll always be territories and creatures unknown; a place that is somehow connected to other worlds existing only in our imagination.

This very personal relationship was the base of creating my series: most of the 12 images aren’t conventional seascapes. The title – Sailing seven seas – is a reference to the time when the waters of the known world were marked as seven main regions, and the Sea really was the big, dangerous and mystical Unknown. ..