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Jigsaw puzzles for Christmas

Now that winter is coming I decided to augment my  VisibleTales puzzle store collection and made my winter landscape series available on 1000 piece jigsaws. The size is 20″ by 30″, that’s a lot of snow in blue and white :-).

The holiday shopping season has just begun, so if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for someone or just want to spend a few winter nights with putting together a challenging piece just click the images, they will take you right to the store.

Jigsaw puzzles for sale – nature, landscapes, beautiful skies

My Skyscapes and horizons collection is available as jigsaw puzzle from my VisibleTales webshop!
I always loved  landscape and nature puzzles (what a surprise…:)) – there’s something really soothing in putting together piece by piece an image of a beautiful cloudy sky, a peaceful lake, a winter mountain or a starry night sky…

The puzzles in this collection are either 1000 pieces, 20″by 30″, or square format 676 pieces, 20″ by 20″, depending on the aspect ratio of the original works. Clicking the images will lead you directly to the store – I recommend bookmarking the store page for future purchases, there are regular discounts on the site.

Jigsaw puzzles for sale – a challenging collection

This jigsaw puzzle collection is a rather challenging one – the textures and patterns of trees, tree branches and forests reminiscent of gemstones and crystals from my Wooden jewelry box series aren’t so easy to put together :) … not to mention the composite images with the starry night sky…

The puzzles are square format 676 pieces, 20″ by 20″, available in my VisibleTales webshop, clicking the images will lead you directly to the store. There’s always a running discount on the site, just click through and check the banner.

Jigsaw puzzles for sale – the Dragon’s tales of the enchanted forest edition

1000 piece puzzles with scenes and stories from the bridge at the edge of the enchanted forest, not just for kids :)!

Here’s the second chapter of my jigsaw puzzle collections, already available in my VisibleTales webshop, clicking the images will lead you directly to the store:

Obviously, they’re not meant for really small children – I’d say up from the age of around 6-7 – , but if your kid is a motivated type and you’d like to spend some time together doing something fun while you can chat about more or less serious topics, putting together these puzzles is a perfect occasion.

The only thing you need is a table you don’t need to use for anything else for a while, because most probably you will not be done in one afternoon or evening :)…Have fun!

Jigsaw puzzles for sale – Sailing the Seven Seas edition

Looks like most of the world will be closed for a while so I decided to make my illustrations available on jigsaw puzzles – maybe it can help some people to make the time or forced isolation a bit more enjoyable.

My family has been an avid puzzle fan since I can remember, we used to make home competitions when I was a child. On holidays, putting together a puzzle is one of our favorite regular programs – it’s nice to sit around a table and fiddle with the pieces while chatting.

For now, the illustrations of my Sailing Seven Seas collection are available as 1000 piece puzzles, but I will add all series in the near future – stay tuned for the blog posts for announcements. I opened a new store dedicated for the puzzles, it’s called VisibleTales. There are almost always some running discounts, check out the link to see the current offers.

Here are the puzzles, clicking on the images will lead you directly to the store:

More jigsaw puzzles pinned to my Pinterest board.