A dragon’s tales about the old stone bridge and the enchanted forest

My illustration series to my upcoming children’s book: A dragon’s tales about the old stone bridge and the enchanted forest. Or, I should rather say my illustration series that somehow transformed itself into a book: the series originally started out like any other, with a visual idea – I had no intention at all to write the stories behind the captures. It just happened…

When looking at holiday photographs taken in popular places crowded with people I often have a strange feeling: besides the main subject, these photos inadvertently capture a random moment in the lives of a few total strangers as well. You have their faces recorded but without any context: you’ll never have any idea who they are, where they came from, why were they there, if something significant happened to them right then and there, or it was just an unimportant momentum while they were passing by to the real story – you can only guess.

This notion – the endless possibilities of stories connected to a haphazardly captured moment – was the inspiration for my series. I planted my ‘camera’ looking at an imaginary setting: an old stone bridge over a shallow gully at the edge of an enchanted forest. Then the fictional inhabitants of the forest started to appear one after another doing various things – and I made the snapshots :-) .

While creating the illustrations I realized that most of the stories behind them are complete in my head – so eventually I decided to write the book (for now, in Hungarian, but who knows…). It will be out in the beginning of 2022.

Premium quality framed, acrylic and metal prints of this series are available in my print store.


THE BOOK IS OUT AND AVAILABLE (in Hungarian) on this link

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