Pygmy leaf chameleon



The pygmy leaf chameleon (Brookesia minima) – a. k. a. minute leaf chameleon, Madagascan dwarf chameleon or Nosy Be pygmy leaf chameleon – with its total length of around 3.5 cm is considered currently the second smallest lizard known. As the taxonomy of the genus Brookesia changes continuously based on current research and observations, this status can easily change just as it did in 2012 when the even smaller B. micra was discovered, ‘demoting’ the pygmy leaf chameleon to second place. This tiny chameleon is endemic to the island of Nosy Be and some north-western humid forests of Madagascar. It lives in the leaf litter of the forests and roosts on low vegetation at night; and has every characteristic feature of the larger chameleon species, including the specialized eyes, the long tongue and the gripping feet.

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