Jigsaw puzzles for sale – Sailing the Seven Seas edition

Looks like most of the world will be closed for a while so I decided to make my illustrations available on jigsaw puzzles – maybe it can help some people to make the time or forced isolation a bit more enjoyable.

My family has been an avid puzzle fan since I can remember, we used to make home competitions when I was a child. On holidays, putting together a puzzle is one of our favorite regular programs – it’s nice to sit around a table and fiddle with the pieces while chatting.

For now, the illustrations of my Sailing Seven Seas collection are available as 1000 piece puzzles, but I will add all series in the near future – stay tuned for the blog posts for announcements. I opened a new store dedicated for the puzzles, it’s called VisibleTales. There are almost always some running discounts, check out the link to see the current offers.

Here are the puzzles, clicking on the images will lead you directly to the store:

More jigsaw puzzles pinned to my Pinterest board.

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