Summary of my art print galleries

Sailing seven seas: A collection of 12 unconventional seascapes. Calm waters and stormy waves; tropical oceans and the Northern seas; deep blue, azure and dark waters, green seas and skies of imaginary worlds; nights on the open water with shining stars and moonlight; sailboats, tall ships, fishing boats, barques, brigs, schooners, tug boats, cutters and ketches; tales, legends, bedtime stories dragons and other mythical creatures of the ancient seas.

The wooden jewelry box: modern, rather abstract paintings inspired by the beautiful patterns and structures of trees, branches, twigs and the amazing color variations and textures of gemstones, crystals, minerals. Vibrant colors of the autumn forests and leaves; the pattern of bare winter branches against the blue sky; the deep, lively green of summer woods; weeping branches reflecting in the water of a placid lake. Maple, oak, elm, ash, birch, sycamore trees and pines –  if you like nature, especially old trees you really should check out this gallery.

Skyscapes and horizons: a collection of modern landscape paintings with a lot of hidden meaning to think about. The endless horizon and the constantly changing view of the sky and the clouds above the land and the sea. The different faces of the sky during daylight and nighttime: lively blue summer skies with white cumulus clouds; the darkness of the hanging storm; the peace of a silent snowfall; the magic of a clear, starry sky.

Winter is coming: my minimalist winter landscape series. Endless, snow covered lands; frozen lakes and rivers; snow laden, bare tree branches against the pale winter sky; aerials of the winter fields and river banks with hay bales, bridges, churches and barns and the northern ice fields with migrating caribous; the winter wonderland of a secret garden behind an old stone wall.  Herons, ravens, and the falling snow…

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